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2019 Suwanee Wine Fest

November 2nd, 2019
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You must be 21 years old or older as of November 2, 2019 to volunteer for our 2019 Suwanee Wine Fest. IDs will be checked upon checking in to volunteer for the event.

Volunteer Rules and Regulations

Date of Event: Saturday, November 2nd, 2019

We are grateful for your participation in the Suwanee Wine Fest! The Suwanee Wine Fest is dedicated to educating the public about wine. The primary goal of the SWF is to educate the consumer about the vast spectrum and quality of wines currently produced in the United States. The Suwanee Wine Festival could not exist without its volunteer support. THANK YOU!

Minimum Age Requirements

All volunteers must be a minimum of 21 years of age before the event to volunteer. Photo ID will be checked during the check-in process so don’t forget to grab it as you head out the door!

Name Tag/Clothing/Check-In

Check-in is promptly from 10:30 and 11:15am. Check-in will be located to the right of the park closest to LawrencevilleSuwanee Road. It will be located in the large, white Volunteer Zone tent. We will have a giant yellow Volunteer Check-in sign as well so it sould be easy to locate.Once you check in you will receive your awesome, limited edition t-shirt (please wear it during the festival) and name tag. Wrist bands will be handed out by Volunteer Managers once you check in at your assigned tent. Cups will be handed out around 12:00 once VIP entry has started. The police department prefers to have zero alcohol served to volunteers working the festival until after gates have opened. Also, please make sure to wear appropriate, but comfortable pants or shorts and shoes.

Due to the size of the festival, we will only have one pouring shift for the 2019 Suwanee Wine Fest. All volunteer shifts will run from 11:30am-4:30pm, with breaks being given during the festival for each volunteer to enjoy the festivities during that time. Our VOLUNTEER ZONE will include private bathrooms, lunch and water for volunteers only. Each volunteer will be required to work the entire duration of the event.


We recommend parking at the Suwanee Library – 361 Main St., Suwanee, GA 30024 and then walking through the pedestrian tunnel across Buford Hwy to the park


Most volunteers will be assigned to a specific table and will be pouring Wine during the event. You will be serving 1oz wine samples to patrons. This is right at the bottom of the thumb indention on the glass. A high level of professionalism is required, and a knowledge of wines being served is always welcome. Other volunteers may be helping with ticketing, setup, or breakdown. We ask that all volunteers work their scheduled shift. Please be courteous and helpful to all participants and offer any assistance to those with special needs.

We always do our best to ensure each volunteer is performing the duties requested and with the members of their team name, however, if history has taught us anything it’s that these events can be very unpredictable and sometimes we have to move things around quickly to accommodate each station. Please be helpful and understanding if your Volunteer Manager needs to change things up. Remember we have the event’s best interest in mind so your willingness is greatly appreciated. Set up

Once you check-in and find your assigned section, please help your Volunteer Manager by doing the following:

1. If there are any tables that need to be unfolded and set up please do so.

2. There should be a list of wines for your tent located in your section. Please check to make sure the correct wines are in your tent and notify your Volunteer Manager if you notice something is missing.

3. Please make sure all wine is on ice that needs to be iced and the proper equipment is there and ready to serve our guests. (ie. wine openers, water stations, dump buckets, etc.)

Please take ownership and care of your station for the day. Your Volunteer Manager will be working hard to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your experience at the fest and also ensure our guests have a wonderful experience. If at any time you feel something is not right, missing, in need of or not working properly please notify them immediately. You should see many members of our staff walking around the perimeter checking on each station.

On-Duty Rules

1. The wristband colors will vary. Do NOT pour to people with WHITE wristbands as they are the DESIGNATED DRIVERS. The VIP entry time will be 12pm-1pm. General admission begins at 1pm and goes until 4:30pm.

2. There should not be anyone in the park that does not have a wristband. If you see someone drinking who is not wearing a wristband, please let a Suwanee Wine Fest staff member or security personnel know immediately. Under no circumstances are you to pour to anyone WITH OUT a wristband.

3. If you serve to anyone under 21 or w/o a wristband you may be prosecuted. So be aware. We are checking ID’s at the door, so anyone who has a wristband is 21 or older.

4. Pour to the 1oz. line- no more. It is a Georgia law for wine tastings.

5. Please do not drink any time during your shift. Tasting is not allowed during this time according to GA state law.

The Suwanee Police Department and the City of Suwanee representatives will be monitoring each tent, so please be respectful of this law. RateWine.com and of course the winery website are great resources, it is always helpful when you know about the wine you are pouring so when our guests ask about it, you will have a great answer. You may sample wine during your break time.

6. Please do NOT dump ice on the grass. This kills the grass and the festival will have to pay for it. Check with your volunteer manager on the appropriate place to discard ice. Also, be mindful of the flowerbeds, etc. Anything that is damaged will have to be replaced by the festival.

7. If there are unopened cases, please be sure the labels do not get wet or damaged as they can be returned to the distributor. Please do not open new wine bottles after 4:00pm.

8. At 4:00 pm, the announcer will note the end of pouring. You must stop pouring at this time.

9. Once pouring is over, please remain at your booth and be sure any remaining wine is stacked and no one removes it from the premises.

10. Please fold up tables at your tent and carry to a central location to stack (if you are able to), to help with the breakdown process.

Break down

We aim to leave the park as beautiful as we found it and your help in doing that is very appreciated!

1. Stop pouring at 4:30pm sharp. Please have 1 person remain at each tent to guard the unopened wine bottles while we work to get everyone out of the park and pick up the remaining wine from each tent.

2. Dump out ice/water in granite areas or in drains (not on the grass) and walk: tubs, bins, openers, buckets, signage to orange Suwanee Magazine tent.

3. Breakdown your table and stack wooden tables under specified tents. Plastic tables go behind the stage.

4. Put empty wine bottles and boxes in trash/recycling containers. Wheel the container to the large pink truck to the left of City Hall. Bring the trash can back so another tent can use it when you are done. Clean up area around your tent.

Again, thank you so much for your participation and hard work to help make this event a success. It is our goal to provide an excellent environment for all in attendance and hope you enjoy the 2019 Suwanee Wine Fest as much as we will!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact April at volunteers@bigsouthproductions.com and I will be happy to assist you.